There is our warranty on main dental services. If the structure of dentures are deconstructed (such as problems with integration, warranty-relevant damages of dentures/ artificial teeth) in mentioned period of guarantee, the Client has to apply to the our dental clinic ‘German Stomatology’ only. Such abovementioned failures/damages will be eliminated free of charge as soon as possible. Take into account that carrying out Treatment&Health plan, general medical condition of our patients, as well as not evident their metabolic disorders and abnormalities can influence  life expectancy of medical services. Nevertheless,  focusing on prophylaxis regularly makes us happy and sure in benefits  which our friends always get!


Implants Ankylos (Germany), Straumann (Swiss-Germany) 10 years life-time
Composite tooth filling / state-of-the art tooth restoration 1 year 5 years

All-ceramic restoration

(in-lay, on-lay)

1 year 5 years
Metal-ceramic crowns 3 years 7 years
All-ceramic crowns 3 years 10 years
Implant-supported crowns 3 years 10 years
Provisional plastic crowns no 1 month